Jafra’s Successful Compost Production

Latest News 22 Apr 2020 0

Throughout a year, Jafra has been trying a new method in the organic farming in the Palestinian camps aiming at encouraging the refugees to expand the green spaces using rooftops.

The idea has developed with the time, as the Foundation started 4 months ago working on production of the compost using local food waste according to a scientific plan with the available means and resources.

Today, Jafra is proud to share with you the initial success of the experience as the result is pretty satisfactory and proved by laboratory tests. The compost production will play a key role in the success of our main project and enhance the camp’s health environment in line with the international environmental standards.

For the next step, Jafra is planning to update the idea through ongoing evaluation in order to expand the experience to all of the Palestinian camps.

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