From Grey to Green: Planting the Camps

Latest News, Stories 29 May 2020 0

When we launched our rooftop organic farming project, the camps’ situation demanded it already.
Today, the country is hit by an unprecedented economic crisis added to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.
That leaves the refugee population even more vulnerable, for many with no income and no resources at all anymore.
When the world population has the privilege to stay protected in containment, refugees still need to go out to find a way the family can eat today.

Eating what they can plant becomes the way they can survive. But planting rooftops needs a first investment; to buy seeds, to buy pots, to buy soil, to organize the compost, to arrange the place for summer and avoid extra heat, to gather the rain water and make the place sustainable…

Your contribution matters!
We can provide the skills to the needy families but we need your support to bring them the 1st set of supplies.

Check our fundraising initiative through the GlobalGiving link:

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