The Bab Al-Shams centre in Athens needs your help!

Latest News 29 May 2020 0

The Bab Al-Shams center in Athens is the heart of Jafra Foundation.
– It’s where we support, empower and educate refugees & migrants in the city.
– It’s where we organise huge food & essential aid distributions, collect donations, hold coordination meetings for NGOs in Athens & important information sessions to support our beneficiaries
– It’s where we teach over 300 students a week through language & creative classes, where women and families have a safe place to express themselves, learn & rebuild after trauma.
– It’s where children can have fun, meet friends, study and feel safe & happy.
And so much more.
We can’t lose this building, it’s our home & home for the 100s of beneficiaries who use the center each week. We need your help to continue the vital work we do for the most vulnerable people in the city.
For the Jafra 2020 Challenge we’ll be completing 20 challenges for 20 days to fundraise up to 6000 euros to keep this wonderful place of learning and empowerment alive, click to donate today! Thank you.#Jafra2020Challenge

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