Beirut Emergency Response

Latest News 12 Aug 2020 0

The massive blasts, which sent shockwaves across the city of Beirut, have caused enormous physical damage. Some buildings were reduced to the ground while others sustained damages such as shattered windows and broken doors. Rubble, shattered glass, and waste are filling the streets and obstructing people from reaching or inspecting their houses. Initial figures estimate that 300,000 people have been displaced from their houses. The disaster has further exacerbated Lebanon’s economic crisis.

Jafra Foundation’s volunteers have already been working tirelessly. Equipped with extensive experience in emergency settings, Jafra raises this appeal to widen its scope of assistance, and reach, by providing waste management, rubble removal and basic shelter rehabilitation to the most vulnerable. Jafra aims to rent trucks to remove the rubble and waste from blocked streets, and will hire experienced craftsmen and purchase basic rehabilitation material to rehabilitate affected houses.

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