Jafra Produces Over 7000 Masks in Qudsaya

Latest News, News 26 Dec 2020 0

Since the very onset of COVID19 pandemic in Syria, urgent need for all precautionary medical and logistic necessaries has emerged, due to the hard circumstances of the war-ravaged country. This fact led us, in line with the available capacity, to offer needed support and awareness drives and disinfection campaigns in all of our operation areas including the disinfection of schools and kindergartens in cooperation with the local community. One of the most urgent need at the time was the medical mask, which forced us work to produce masks by ourselves in order to meet the shortfall. The start was in Jafra center in Qudsaya with 9 ladies who had volunteered to participate in this initiative under the supervision of a specialist trainer. In the first phase, we could produce more than 5000 medical masks, sterilized and wrapped under the proper health conditions. They were distributed to all of our centres over country in conjunction with disinfection and bread distribution drives. Recently, we accomplished the second phase by producing over 2300 masks which are now under preparation to be freely distributed to the households.

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