Disinfection Drive To Schools, Public Utilities

Latest News, News 15 Jan 2021 0

Within its plan to prevention of Coronavirus, Jafra Foundation has launched and participated in a number of disinfection drives in the Foundation’s whereabouts in Syria.

The drives targeted different areas in cooperation with official and civil organizations. As in Al-Wafideen camp in Rural Damascus, Jafra team in cooperation with Al-Batiha municipality council launched a disinfection campaign including schools, dispensaries, mosques and public utilities.

In Jaramana camp, Jafra took part in disinfecting of Bustan Talal school, Al-Rahman kindergarten, Jaramana camp and the martyr Ahmad Abu Omar dispensary.

In Qudsaya, our volunteers participated in a campaign to clean and disinfect the streets of the town in cooperation with Qudsaya municipality council and Qudsaya Youth League.

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