Jafra Foundation for Relief and Youth Development is a non-governmental organization that works to serve vulnerable groups in Palestinian refugee camps and gatherings in Lebanon and Syria, while also extending its services to refugees in Greece and Sweden. Jafra was officially established in 2002 by grass-roots efforts of Palestinian youth from Yarmouk Camp in Damascus City. Building on nine years of experience in youth capacity development, Jafra expanded its programs and geographical coverage in 2011, with the aim of responding holistically to the emerging, urgent needs of the most vulnerable communities, households and individuals. Jafra acts as a key strategic partner for several recognized INGOs implementing humanitarian relief and development projects in Syria and Lebanon; its work cuts across all sectors and promotes an integrated approach to alleviating human anxieties that result from war and protracted crisis.


Jafra Foundation utilizes global best practices and resources, while employing local knowledge and tools, to understand and effectively meet the needs of vulnerable people within refugee camps and gatherings.


Refugees empowered to lead positive and sustainable change in their communities.


Integrity, Impartial Assistance, Accountability, Empowerment, Community.