“Over 90 per cent of Palestine refugee households in Syria live in poverty and 40 per cent remain in protracted displacement as a result of conflict and the damage and destruction of their homes.

The continuous depreciation of the Syrian pound and the deteriorating socio-economic conditions experienced by all civilians in Syria during the last year have increased the hardship faced by Palestine refugees, whose resilience
is at breaking point.

In these circumstances, any interruption to UNRWA
services would inflict major suffering, depriving vulnerable communities of their main – and often – sole source of assistance.

In 2020, ensuring sufficient and predictable funding to the UNRWA Syria Regional Crisis Emergency Appeal is crucial to prevent Palestine refugees in Syria from slipping into further misery and despair. It is also needed to maintain vital services for PRS in Lebanon and in Jordan, who live in conditions of marginalization and poverty, and are exposed to multiple protection

Christian Saunders Acting Commissioner-General of UNRWA

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