Your contribution can make a significant difference to the lives of the most vulnerable and refugees. All donations to Jafra Foundation can be made through GlobalGiving – Children&Youth Sport in Palestinian Refugee Camps

 , GlobalGiving – Rooftop Farming, Jafra Refugee Support. Please refer to the links, to place your donations. If you are interested to learn more about our other projects and donate, or in case of any further inquiries, please contact us.


Jafra’s work and success is heavily dependent on the increasing number of volunteers who genuinely want to help Palestinian vulnerable communities. Each year Jafra welcomes volunteers as part of its team and engages them in meaningful projects. If you are interested to volunteer, please send us an email with an attached CV and how and where you would like to assist.


Jafra is always open to supporting novel fundraising ideas! If you have any fundraising initiatives you would like operational support in, please send us an email with your contact information and the activities you have in mind…we will help to make it happen!

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