About us

Jafra Foundation is a Palestinian youth organization working on a participatory approach to promote resilience in the Palestinian society in all its places of existence, starting with the role of the youth to assume their responsibilities towards their community and its just causes. In its work, the Foundation relies on humanitarian standards to carry out its activities with integrity, effectiveness, and consistency.


  • Resilience
  • Innovation
  • Differentiation
  • Accountability and Responsibility
  • Uniqueness and Authenticity

The Foundation’s Vision:

Working to build organized, empowered, empowering and effective communities.

The Foundation’s Mission:

Strengthening the elements of the resilience of our communities, strengthening the mechanisms for their participation and building the potentials of the children, youth and women.

Strategic objectives:

  • Promoting a culture of volunteering among young people and working on qualifying them to play an effective role in the community.
  • Working on building the capacities of the Foundation’s cadres, developing and circulating the internal policies, working on implementing them, and promoting the principle of accountability.
  • Working on the differentiation in the Foundation’s services and maintaining its continuity.
  • Developing youth capacities through targeted economic empowerment programs.
  • Expanding the Foundation’s services to include all Palestinian camps and Palestinian refugee locations, to enhance their resilience and abilities to face crises.
  • Promoting the Palestinian national identity.