Food Production
March 28, 2022 12:40 pm

With the economic situation deterioration in Lebanon and its direct reflection on the Palestinian camps that shelter Palestinian-Lebanese, Palestinian-Syrian, and Syrian refugees, the Palestinian refugee camps are considered among the poorest and most marginalized areas in Lebanon. The refugees suffer from a low level of support provided by UNRWA. This is alongside their loss of income sources due to the international crisis and the disruption of the local economy. Moreover, the collapse of the exchange rate of the local currency raised the levels of warning of a humanitarian catastrophe that would hit the Palestinian camps.

In its work strategy, the Jafra Foundation avoids direct relief work, which has become a negative point in terms of transforming societies into rentier ones. Therefore, Jafra prepared workshops to train them on food production in return for a fee. The food is then distributed to registered most impoverished families, and goods are delivered directly to their homes, without detracting from their dignity. The food production program is part, on one hand, of the food security sector and, on the other hand, as a women empowering program in the camps, providing them with trainings and raising their level of food awareness. Participants to the program as well as beneficiaries from the food parcels are given awareness sessions on healthy nutrition practices, which makes the program a tool for diseases prevention.

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