Jafra is starting a new fundraising campaign
October 15, 2022 4:15 pm

For Palestinian refugees, education is considered a key resilience factor inside their communities.

Since they were deported from their own villages, cities, and homes, education has become the only way to get out of poverty, suffering, and dependence on aid. Due to the fact that education is the sole path to a better future, parents prioritize it despite their challenging circumstances.

Hence, the Jafra Foundation considers education a main priority at all times, especially in times of war and conflict where children are directly affected.

Since 2011, Jafra has provided education through its child protection program in 8 different Palestinian refugee camps and gatherings in Syria. Along with the child protection program that includes psycho-social and recreational activities, Jafra welcomes all children without any kind of discrimination and offers them equal opportunities in their learning process.

In 2021 Jafra has provided 1850 children with free and quality educational support, through extensive and intensive courses in 5 different locations. The average success rate among the locations is about 90% every year.  

To continue its child protection interventions, essentially centered on a quality education program that seeks to serve over 1200 of the most vulnerable children in 4 different locations, Jafra initiated a fundraising campaign. Donations will fund stationery and professional teachers’ wages.

•             Education empowers refugees by giving them knowledge and skills to live productive, fulfilling, and independent lives.

•             Education helps refugees to become self-sufficient, enabling them to learn about themselves and the world around them, as they strive to rebuild their lives and communities.

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