Children&Youth Sport in Palestinian Refugee Camps

Jafra aims to improve the lives of young Palestinian refugees in camps through the deployment of sports as a developmental tool. Sports in general has long proved its ability to bring people together and promote physical and mental health, while also enhancing leadership and teamwork skills within participants. Our project will secure the chance for 100 Palestinian refugees aged under 18 to take part in various footballing activities over 4 locations.


Equipping Jafra’s football teams will prove to be a step towards ensuring the positive development of Palestinian youth and children. The project will likely enhance team building and leadership exercises, promote health and wellness, and enable social inclusion. This project will ensure that every child is given the opportunity to grow into responsible citizens in his community.


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Planting the Camps: From Grey to Green

Jafra’s rooftop gardening project is ongoing and more than ever a real need in the camps of Lebanon.

With the economic situation worsening, ½ of the population in the country will soon live under the poverty threshold.
Camps inhabitants are already for most of them living under the poverty line and seek for creative strategies to allow them feeding their families.

Why your contribution matters?
Organic Rooftop Farming has a profound effect on health, helps to restore the damage environment of the camps
but more than any other reasons at the moment, it provides refugees the skills to cultivate their own crops for them to consume, for them to generate income.

Keep giving to help the refugee communities become self-reliant:

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Jafra Refugee Support

The Bab Al-Shams center in Athens is the heart of Jafra Foundation.

– It’s where we support, empower and educate refugees & migrants in the city.

– It’s where we organize huge food & essential aid distributions, collect donations, hold coordination meetings for NGOs in Athens & important information sessions to support our beneficiaries

– It’s where we teach over 150 students a week through language & creative classes, where women and families have a safe place to express themselves, learn & rebuild after trauma.

– It’s where children can have fun, meet friends, study and feel safe & happy.

And so much more.

We can’t lose this building, it’s our home & home for the 100s of beneficiaries who use the center each week. We need your help to continue the vital work we do for the most vulnerable people in the city.

For the Jafra 2020 Challenge we’ll be completing 20 challenges for 20 days to fundraise up to 2000 euros to keep this wonderful place of learning and empowerment alive, click to donate today! Thank you.

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Support Refugees Education and Community Building in Greece

Jafra Foundation in Greece is partnering on a fundraising campaign with Finding Refuge, an organization that aims to end homelessness of displaced people – migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers – in Athens, Greece. This crucial campaign aims to fill the gaps left in housing and educating refugees due to lack of access to education for migrants and the EU and UNHCR budgetary cuts for accommodation of refugees.

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