Beddawi camp

Beddawi camp for Palestinian refugees was named after the shrine in the mosque which belongs to a righteous man called “Muhammad Al-Badawani” according to some narrations. However, other narrations suggest that it goes back to a saint “Antonius of Padua”. It is the second camp in northern Lebanon. Beddawi is located at the northern coastal entrance to the city of Tripoli, where water is abundant, on a hill overlooking the city at a distance of 7 km to the north. It was established by UNRWA on an area of one square kilometer. The camp is surrounded by Tallet al-Mankoubin and the hills of Terbel mountain. The camp is adjacent to the IPC oil refining company, Wadi al-Nahla, and Deir Ammar, where the largest power station in northern Lebanon is located. The Bahjat Ghanem Barracks of the Lebanese Army, the Lebanese University, and the Governmental Hospital are also located near the camp, and they are about 1,000 meters away from it. There are also modern constructions around the camp that are an extension of the town of Beddawi.

The area of the camp is currently 200 dunums, on which is about 17,000 people are living including 5,000 IDPs. The residents of this camp are Palestinian refugees from the Galilee and the northern coastal areas of Palestine. It has two main entrances: the southern one from the direction of Tripoli al-Qubba, and the northern one on the Beddawi al-Jabal road overlooking the town of Beddawi.

In the aftermath of the events of Nahr el-Bared and the war in Syria, IDPs from Nahr el-Bared camp, as well as Palestinian-Syrian and Syrian refugees, sought refuge in the camp. There are many associations and institutions in the camp, including scouts, in addition to many clubs and social and student associations. As is the case in all camps, there are many Palestinian factions.