Beddawi camp

The camp is located 5km north of Tripoli, about 89 km from the Lebanese capital, Beirut and populated with  30,000 individuals. The camp was established by UNRWA in 1955 and has two northern and southern entrances.

In 2007, the camp hosted thousands of Palestinians displaced people from the nearby Nahr Al-Bared camp following clashes between the Lebanese Army and Fatah Al-Islam.

In 2011, the camp further hosted hundreds of Palestinian refugees that were displaced from Syria due to the conflict.

Informal statistics indicate that the current number of Palestinian families living in Beddawi camp is estimated to be about 850 families.

HHs live in abject poverty, with many families surviving on food rations and handouts from the UNRWA and other humanitarian NGOs, in addition to the unemployment and shortage of services.People at the camp completely rely on the power to meet their daily basic needs including to run the water pumps and for heating purposes.