Al Mankobin

The gathering is located at Tripoli’s outskirts and occupied with approximately 4.000 individuals (mainly Lebanese in addition to Syrian and Palestinian refugees).

The area was established during the French Mandate era, and was called the “Fourth District” at the time, before it was turned into a French military base, and then a U.S base after it was seized by the U.S Embassy. After the flood of the Abu Ali River in 1955, which caused a catastrophe for hundreds of Tripolitan families, the affected HHs fled to this area in search of shelter, in the hope that the state would rebuild their homes and return them back. Since that date, the steady increase in the number of families who have moved from the countryside of Denniye and Akkar to reside in this afflicted land.

The residents suffer from a lack of safe drinking water, electricity, and no roads, lighting, or sanitation. The unemployment rate exceeds 90%. An acute shortage of basic services can be clearly touched including education and health care.